histories in

the south

this is our team.


Based in the Mid-Atlantic, our crew is experienced, focused, and passionate about sharing stories that matter. 

Co-Director, Archival Expert / Chris Haley
Co-Director, Producer, DP / Brad J. Bennett
Animation Director, Co-Producer / Mwita Chacha
Co-Producer / Austin Journey




Much of America’s rich history is being lost to time. In the South, vast amounts of African-American grave sites and burial grounds for enslaved persons have been disappearing over the years. In Virginia alone, stories of thousands at rest could vanish from history altogether if these locations are not restored. Those with personal connections to these burial sites have recently begun to uncover and maintain locations across the state. However, there is much work to be done in order to preserve this part of America’s history. Unmarked not only explores these untold stories of the past but also the efforts underway to preserve them.